About OSCP

Haven’t update my notes for about 90-120 days. I spent last 3 month in OSCP lab and finally got my first milestone on my way to slag dragon.


Exam round 1:

Battle plan: start at 4:00PM. Knock out 4 machines

The exam connection package came at 4:00PM. I started my first machine and got root at 6:00PM. Then I started on an easy box and got the root at 7:00 PM. I felt I was on roll and I thought man that’s easy. Then I had a quick dinner and jumped to third machine without rest (this was a mistake).

Bad thing happened, until 2:00AM, I focused on 2 machines. I made no progress. I decided to go to bed and felt so frustrated and pain. At that time, I changed my battle plan that only focus on the last machine, since if I could root that box, I may have 60 points in the exam and another 10 points in the lab, so I may still have chance to pass.

Next day 7:00AM. I started work on last box. 10:00AM, got shell, I felt I see the light in the tunnel. Started to do privilege escalation. Until 3:00PM no progress. Finally, I found the vulnerability at last moment but VPN time out.

After one day got the result:


After the exam, I didn’t extend lab. I created many VMs for practice. Many windows and Linux local privilege exploits code are compiled. I went back to vulnhub and downloaded many VMs to practice and wait for round two.

Exam round 2:

Battle plan: start at 8:00AM. Knock out 4 machines

Got first root at 9:00AM. At 9:30AM got another one. So in first 90 mins, I got 2 machines. But I was not excited. I knew hard part was not coming yet. Until 5:00PM, I got a limited shell in a box. I started to do privilege exploit on it but until 9:00PM, I made no progress. Started to feel frustrated. I took one hour break then decided to try another machine. 11:00 PM got limited shell. 1:00 AM got root. I was really tired at that time; I took another 1-hour break. 2:00AM I started my last ditch. I tried to get the root in the machine I got shell and tried to get limited shell on the last box. I found a vulnerability on the last box, but I didn’t successfully trigger it. VPN time out again.

The time I got 3 roots and 1 shell. I guess I got 65 points in the exam and there are 10 lab report points may be added.

After one day got the result: